Returning to the Gym After 5 Months Away

After my first day back at the gym, it is remarkable how sore I am… and by extension, how out of shape I am. My upper body is worse, so it’s not as immediately noticeable… but my arms are more or less locked into 90 degree angles at the elbows.

I’m working with a newer trainer named Mike, and he’s less about machine/weights and more about working with body weight. Instead of hitting the various machines on the top floor of the gym, we worked primarily with suspension training.

Despite having eaten a decent breakfast beforehand (two eggs, banana), I got a little nauseous again halfway through. Going to chalk that up to simply being out of practice.

It’s amazing to me how little we did, and how winded I felt. I was doing the gym thing for a good while, and ended up falling off at the start of the year. Now that I’m trying to get back on track… it feels a lot like starting over from scratch. To be expected I guess.

I’ll say this though: in doing the early morning thing, the gym still looks beautiful in the early AM. I remember being there in the wintertime, and seeing the sun break through the windows… and it was an awesome sight. There’s something really nice about seeing early daylight in a gym – it’s a nice feeling.

The funniest thing of all (and I’m sure this can be helped if I stretched more often), my arms are kind of bowed out as a result of my first post-hiatus workout. You can’t really tell if you see me sitting at a computer keyboard, because my arms are perfectly curved to that particular task. But when I’m walking down the street… my arms never really straighten out. I look a bit like the Tin Woodman from the Wizard of Oz. Liz describes it as though I were carrying two large, invisible purses. To me, it kind of feels like I have these tiny T-Rex arms.

So it goes. Difficulty at the beginning and all that. I was able to get to the gym in the AM for some cardio, so here’s to getting back to a regular routine again.

// Edit: On my second visit to the gym, I totally saw the old guy there, same as he ever was. Put me to shame.

The Old Man at the Gym
The Gym and Early Morning Nausea
First Day at XSport Gym

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