A Scream, a Scare, and a Bunny on the Loose

Since our house is very much a work in progress, we keep the rabbits downstairs, and have a baby gate to block them from getting to the second floor.

Most of the 1st floor is safe for them, but upstairs is still largely undone. We still have a lot of exposed nails, wood, and debris lying around. We also have a few spots where there are just holes in the floors, with a straight drop down to the first floor.

Earlier tonight, while I was downstairs cleaning up the bunny area and washing dishes, I heard Liz scream out for me. It wasn’t a yell, it was a full on scream because she had already tried to call for me twice (but I couldn’t hear her, due to the running water).

Evidently, Phineas had gotten past the baby gate and was running around on the second floor. By the time I got upstairs, Liz was in our office area (a room that’s filled with boxes). Phineas had disappeared into that maze of a room, and we were worried he’d never come out.

Thankfully, after a few moments, he scampered free… and we were able to get him back on the stairs. The photo (above) is Phineas, gnawing at the gate trying to get back upstairs.

For a tiny bunny, he sure has a very large, adventurous spirit. I learned tonight that if you set down food and open up the gates, Phineas will ignore his dinner and just start roaming around.

He looks a little evil in the photo, but he’s just really annoyed that any part of the house is denied to him. One of these days, when the rooms are clean and finished and the floors are done, I look forward to seeing him dash around.

Tonight though, was a small bit of scary excitement. Liz was worried that Phineas was loose, and I was freaked out by the screaming. Who needs the gym, when you can do a bit of cardio on your own (with a rogue bunny rabbit)?

The Bunny Rabbits Are Home!
Clearing Space, Cleaning Up

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