First Layer Complete: The Attic is Done!

On Saturday, Liz and I returned home and set about finishing up the attic. We got about 3/4 of the attic completed, but still had the back portion to do.

In putting down insulation everywhere, we also had to remove a lot of the long planks that were up in the attic (which the prior tenant had used to walk across the beams). One of those planks ended up being some kind of sign. The text reads:

Chicago Casting
Model and Talent Agency
Stage 1 – Chicago Drama
Workshop Studio
Suite 630

Such an odd thing to find in one’s attic.

A view of the open alcove area, near the North side of the house.

Here’s what it looked like, a few weeks ago.

Here’s what it looked like, when we first started the cleanup process.

Looking down the attic, with a long row of insulation set down.

Here’s what it looked like a few weeks ago.

Here’s what it looked like, when we first started the cleanup process.

The entrance to the attic, covered up with insulation! It’s not a perfect solution, but we don’t have any plans to go up there anytime soon. Yeah!

Poor Liz – she got hit by a piece of wood that jutted out from the ceiling. It’s really close to the entrance, and I’ve banged my head on that guy more times than I can count.

But when she was up in the attic today, she really moved right into the thing. The bleeding stopped after a little while, but the entire area got quite swollen. As if adding insult to injury, despite our attempts to stay warm… Liz had to press ice onto the area, to help keep the swelling down.

The remains of the insulation. It was a pretty full room just over a week ago.

The guest room is our official “changing room,” for when we get dirty. Kind of helps prevent us traipsing around, dirtying things up.

I partly expected a little more fanfare, but… that’s it! We’re done with the attic (for now). We have additional insulation to add, but that’s going to be further down the line. For now, we have a good foundation up there.

To date, the attic has been one of the longest-running project areas in the house. And to think that it’s over, and we don’t have to go up there anymore… well, it’s difficult to fathom. I don’t know that it’s really sunk in yet.

To really see how things were before, check out this post from April. It’s amazing how much has changed up there, from then to now!

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  1. You really did a ton of work up in the attic, hun. So much old insulation was removed – it’s night & day. Glad to be done!

    Liz Reply

  2. Congrats, you guys! That’s a big milestone complete. Love that found sign – you’ll have to repurpose it as a piece of art in the house somewhere!

    Chris Reply

  3. Congrats on finishing the attic! That’s super exciting, and it looks great :) Liz, I hope your head feels better soon!

    Meg Reply

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