20×2: When Did You Know?

The latest round of 20×2 Chicago took place tonight, with the theme of “When Did You Know?”

Here, Andrew Huff is warming up the crowd and about to introduce the first presenter.

For those not familiar with the format: every participant answers the prompt in whatever way he or she sees fit. The only requirement is that the answer must be completed in two minutes or less.

The first presenter was an amazing opener. There were few people in the audience who were expecting to see Dawn Xiana Moon, decked out in a combo full Wookie and belly dancer outfit, dancing to Taylor Swift.

Everyone (Wookie included) was howling.

Here’s a teaser photo of my presentation. You can probably guess what it’s about, but… looking forward to sharing the video once it’s available.

There was just so many amazing answers to this question… nothing I write is going to come close to matching seeing the speakers in action. There were several stories of love, several of loss, an incredibly powerful and resonant two minutes of total silence from Gaylon Alcaraz.

Great stories and great storytellers. Great writers. I’m really looking forward to watching the video of everyone’s answers again – and can’t wait to share those with you, once they’re up.

[Photos of me and Dawn, via James Allenspach]

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