Hello Hover!

Some time ago, as part of a #greatdomains campaign, Hover began soliciting submissions to help highlight the actual web sites created by their customers.

This was, I thought, a very smart move – positioning Hover as more than just a company providing a technical service, and showing them as part of a process.

I submitted my site a long while back, and recently was contacted – letting me know my domain would be featured. Lo and behold, I glanced at Twitter earlier this morning and saw my face staring back at me.

So for today, Hover is using my image across a lot of their social media accounts. I love that this was the photo they decided to go with, which on its own without any kind of explanation is kind of weird, and mysterious and… well, just weird.

For those who are new and visiting, the image is from my visit to Chicago Dizziness and Hearing, back in 2009. I never really did get an official reason as to what was causing those dizzy spells (they subsided on their own). I did get to try out some neat equipment though.

Seeing as how I recently went through another overnight Sleep Study, I’m a little self-conscious about all the medical stuff on here. Not that I’m uncomfortable sharing it all, but mostly because I feel like I’m just turning into this enfeebled old man.

Interesting bit of trivia: since I update this blog daily, I actually have the specific day I transferred my domains over to Hover posted on here.

It’s surprising, looking back, how long I’ve been a customer with them. I will say that I’ve never really had a problem, and the one time I talked to their support staff… it was very pleasant, and they fixed my issue quickly.

I register all my domains through Hover, and definitely recommend them without hesitation. As a final disclaimer – all of the links to Hover on this post use my referral link… which means that you’ll get a $2 discount if you purchase a domain through them (and I will too)!

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