The Other Liz and Felix

Last week, my coworker Chad was looking around my blog and found my post about the hand-made wedding invitations that Liz and I made. He remarked that our wedding dates were only a week apart, which was a fun coincidence to discover.

Since he liked the cards, I thought to show him photos from the actual wedding… and went to send him our wedding website:

When the site loaded up, I looked at it and thought “Wait, this isn’t right.” This is… someone else’s wedding?

A whole host of thoughts ran through my mind. Did my domain expire? Did someone take over my site, replacing my images with theirs? Where did all our wedding photos go?

After a moment, I realized my mistake: I was looking at, but our site was Doh!

What’s hilarious to me is that I was the one who made our wedding site. I bought the domain name, set up WordPress, and uploaded all the info/photos. But apparently, I just blanked on the URL. And wound up looking at the wedding photos belonging to a different Liz and Felix, over in Sweden somewhere.

It was really a fascinating thing, looking over their images. It was a great location, and everyone appeared to be having just a fantastic time. I shared the link with Liz, and told her how strange it was to see this. It felt like we were looking into an alternate dimension, a wedding we might have had were we two different people.

On realizing I had stumbled across a different coupled named “Liz and Felix,” I looked on the site for some contact information. I wanted to send them an email, letting them know about my mistake, and how I ended up on their site.

Not finding anything, I took to Google to see if I could track them down. I then happened across a video taken at the wedding by their friend Nathaniel Connella. Which was amazing, and totally surreal – in that I could see even more details about this wedding between a different Liz and Felix.

I’m planning on sending a message to Nathaniel, in the hopes he can pass it along to Liz and Felix.

It’s funny – I’m used to the idea that there are multiple Felix Jungs in the world. And I’m also cool with sometimes being mistaken for Steve Aoki. But this marks the first time that I’ve ever had a couples-based identity crisis, where I mixed up me and Liz with two other completely different people.

This was such a serendipitous discovery, and something that I can only imagine happening with the aid of the Internet. What a lovely find, and what a lovely couple.

Of note: in my searching, I learned that there are two additional “Liz and Felix” weddings slated for 2017: one in May, and another in November.

On thinking more about all this… because our domain names are so very similar, have the other Liz and Felix accidentally come across our wedding site by mistake? And wondered the exact same things as I did (where are my photos, who are these people)?

In addition to that, did any of the other Liz and Felix couples (who are not yet married) want to create their own wedding sites? But came across both of the existing and sites, and realized all the domains were spoken for?

What a small little world.

To all the Liz and Felix’s out there, the married ones as well as the soon-to-be’s: good luck and best wishes to you. You all look fantastic. You two make a great couple.

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