The Indulgence of Homeowners

Since we are already homeowners, I guess it was ok for Liz to order this avocado toast.

I actually haven’t seen avocado toast on a menu before today (but then again, I don’t get out much). It’s a little embarrassing, but I was hoping Liz would order this guy, just so I could take a photo and make fun of the cost/homeowner thing.

I actually hadn’t bothered to look up the origins of this meme, and to be honest – I feel like Tim Gurner got a raw deal here. While he does make some sweeping statements about millenials, the core of his statement seems to emphasize saving money.

He is a little grumpy, in a “The kids today…” kind of way. But the news outlet that interviewed him titled their article a certain way, which then opened the door for other outlets to just totally fixate on the quote.

I feel a little bad for the guy, but I’m sure he has about half a billion reasons not to feel too bad.

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