Travel Day: Chicago to Minneapolis

It’s been a long while since I’ve travelled for work. Today, I hopped on a plane at Midway – heading to Minneapolis, to visit The Nerdery HQ for my orientation as a new employee.

It’s a fast one-day thing, so I’m spending Sunday on travel… staying the night, and then going in Monday morning for meetings. Then, I’m right back on a plane to Chicago in the late afternoon.

The airport was bigger than I realized, and I spent a lot of time walking towards the baggage claim area. When trying to use Lyft, I realized there was a designated area specifically for rideshare apps (perhaps this a thing, and I just haven’t traveled much in recent years).

It was a nice thing to have this separate area, but it was a bit tricky to track down. I walked for a while is what I’m saying, keeping an eye out for signs. Up an elevator here, down some stairs there. Felt like some kind of terrible scavenger hunt, where the prize was a trip to my hotel.

I got checked in by mid-afternoon, and had just enough time to go on a small adventure. I have a lot of photos to share, but not enough time right now to do a proper recap. More photos soon.

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