Double Macbooks

Not a big update here, just getting caught up a little over the last few days.

After yesterday evening, I ended up working from home. I honestly felt really weird about it, as I’m still such a new employee at my job.

The situation is doubly odd, as I am an employee of The Nerdery – but my day to day has me working at another office. So when I sent out my WFH email, I had to send it to two different groups.

I’ve barely been around a month, and so taking a “day at home” felt rather indulgent. I know it was the right thing to do, as I needed to recuperate (and also avoid infecting others). But I felt like I hadn’t earned that right yet, even though I was working remotely.

That said, I’m happy to be in an industry where the work I can doesn’t require me to physically be in an office. Does it make one-on-one interactions easier? Sure. But so much of my interactions are digital, Slack and JIRA tickets… working remote is no big thing.

I’m really digging my newer Macbook Pro, particularly given how much lighter it is. The Touch Bar is… ok. I absolutely love the ability use Touch ID, but still miss the ESC key from time to time, along with the other function keys. It’s just not the same.

I was never a fan of typing on an actual laptop keyboard though, anyways. I still need/require an actual keyboard, as my hands have gotten used to the feel of an actual keyboard.

The newer Thunderbolt 3 is nice, in that you never need to worry about which way a cord is oriented. But you pay for this convenience through needing to jerryrig your peripherals through adapters.

I’m happy to have this setup at home, where I can (fairly) easily switch between machines.

Alright, rambling a little now. TL;DR – I had a work from home day. And right now, as I’m typing this… I’m wishing I had a glass of wine. But I’m going to pretend that the woozy feeling I have is from a Pinot Noir, and not from my low grade fever.

Off for dinner and bed soon.

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