Full Steam

It’s the start of a new week/sprint, and I’m feeling pretty tired again this week. I had a good, solid run of work days last week… and it rolled into a fairly busy weekend.

I didn’t get to recharge all that much until a few nights ago, and mostly I’ve just been getting home tired. The work days this week have also been pretty full, but in a good way. Productive, full of motion, with less stress than I used to feel.

The main difference I’ve felt lately is that, on arriving home, I have less energy to work on my own code/projects. Mostly I just want a glass of wine, or to take a nap. Which is a-typical.

I know this is a thing many devs experience, where their day jobs tap all the brain reservers available for coding… and at the end of the day, there’s just not any fuel left in the tank. I’ve had a great run of days at work, but I don’t want my work hours to be all-consuming. I want there to be a little bit left over for me.

[CC photo via Clay Banks]

Head Down, Go Go

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