20×2 Chicago: Why Is It Important?

I got to participate again in 20×2 Chicago, an event where 20 creatives get together to answer the same question. Each person can answer the prompt however they like (tell a funny story, sing a song, interpretive dance) with just one rule: you have to do it in two minutes or less.

Tonight’s prompt was: “Why Is It Important?”

A great lineup, with a lot of names that are becoming more familiar to me. A fun part of participating in 20×2 Chicago is finding/following the speakers on social media (only to discover that other friends and people I admire are already fans/followers). There seem to be a lot of connections, and every time I join in this event… I feel really fortunate to rub elbows with these talented folks.

A quick view of the crowd, prior to going on stage – with a blurry Andrew Huff, MC and all motion.

As always, it was a super fun show and I’m excited for the videos to be posted so that I can rewatch them all again.

Post-show, Liz and I were looking around for some dinner. I’m always a bit nervous before these shows, and never end up eating or drinking much prior to. So after the show ended, we debating going to a few spots… and decided to swing back over to Logan Square and sat at the counter for a late dinner at Lula’s. A lovely, indulgent way to end a very fun evening.

A Sonic Rube Goldberg Machine with 100 Kazoos and a Shot of Tequila

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