Driving Home from Valpo

Had a nice time visiting with Bob and Julie in Valparaiso, today. We didn’t get there until early in the afternoon… and mostly just visited. Had some drinks, I took a nap, we watched a bit of a movie.

Didn’t end up taking a lot of photos, and we opted to head home before any fireworks began. On the way back to Chicago, I snapped a photo of the sunset, which was quite something.

About 20 minutes after this, as the sky was darkening, we started to pass by local firework displays. It was a really fun thing to see, but as the drive I had to force myself to not look and concentrate on the road. There were a few points though, where the fireworks felt like they were happening right above our car, as we were driving.

I’ve only been on the road a handful of times, on the Fourth of July. And every time, it’s a pretty fun experience. It’s not the same as sitting through an entire fireworks display. More like getting a quick sample from a lot of different ones – some from the towns you pass, and a lot from various people just lighting things off in their backyards.

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