Apple Tasting

I’ve been excited at the idea of tasting a Cosmic Crisp apple, and have been looking a lot at the fruit aisle every time I’m in a grocery store.

A while back, we got a few apples just to do a bit of a taste test (it’s been a while since Liz or I have had an apple).

An initial set of four.

I should say as a disclaimer – we got these a while back, forgot about them in the fridge, and only lately got around to trying (two of) them about a week after the fact.

Jazz apple. Very crisp, and our favorite so far. A lot of resistance when chewing. Feels really good to eat. Was almost like eating a pear.

Pink Lady. This was softer, and seemed to lose its sweetness after the initial bite.

Paula Red (haven’t tried yet).

Ambrosia Gold (haven’t tried yet).

Was in Whole Foods recently, and reminded of all the different apples available. Still no Cosmic Crisp yet, and it has me really wondering what’s going to happen what that guy hits the shelves.

A whole bunch of nothing? Will people be amazed? Will anyone notice?

If you haven’t read the article, it’s pretty fascinating stuff.

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