In another “surfing around on YouTube” moment, I happened across the Taskmaster TV show. I’d never heard of it before, but after a few moments… I got sucked in.

The premise is pretty straight forward: five contestants (usually comedians) all perform the same “tasks” as issued by the host/taskmaster. There is some light judging and scoring, and eventually a winner is determined. But the actual scorekeeping is incidental: the joy of the show is in the banter between all the participants. And the tasks themselves are pretty funny.

The phrase “melon buffet” now causes me to giggle a lot. It’s a silly premise, but with just one episode in… I’m finding myself wanting to see more. It strikes the right balance between silly and competitive for me.

Ah, and I was just reminded of the fantastic “Friday Challenges we used to have, at Emmis Interactive.

Not Tasks, Adventures
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