Packing Up the Mac

So the mailing box arrived, and it’s come to this. Despite the fact that I live in Chicago, there are no nearby Apple Stores that are open during the pandemic. The closest ones I can get to are 20+ miles away in the suburbs, with appointments that only exist in the middle of the day in the middle of the work week. No dice.

While I get a free battery replacement, the only way to actually get it is to mail my machine in via snail mail. It feels like an extremely analog solution for a very high end electronics problem.

Here’s the inside of the box, with a lot of padding to help prevent against damage during transit.

The other packing materials in the box.

A custom bag, to help prevent against the battery… leaking? Exploding? It made me think that this issue happens often enough to warrant a custom patent-pending bag.

A stark looking sticker, that needed to go on the outside.

The upside: things will be handled via FedEx, and it should only take maybe 3 days for the actual repair. Once this gets picked up, I guess the countdown begins. I feel like I should set some kind of digital timer, but maybe an hourglass is more appropriate.

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