Catalina Fans: A Sad Discovery

So I made an interesting discovery: as I was bringing my laptop to work in the kitchen with Liz, I noticed it was a bit wobbly. More than a bit, actually. The underside of the laptop was totally warped and super round.

I did a bit of digging online, and it seems that it’s related to the battery expanding. And pushing out the case. On top of that: there’s actually a Apple Battery Recall for 15-inch Macbook Pros from September 2015 – February 2017.

So the issue I’ve been experiencing? The battery is overheating, the fans are going crazy, and apparently the whole bottom of my laptop is ever so slowly blowing up and out. I spent a long while talking to Apple Support, and the kicker of it all: I may actually have to send this thing in via the mail. Maybe.

Looking around, all the Apple stores in Chicago are closed. And the only ones that seem like they have appoints you can schedule are out in Schaumburg or further, some 20+ miles away. With appointment times at like 3:15PM on a Wednesday.

So unless I want to trek out and deal with this in person (and spend a big part of my day doing so), my only other recourse is to mail the thing in. Possibly. Because the UK Tech Support guy I spoke with said that they won’t allow these laptops to be mailed in the UK, due to safety concerns. But who knows with the US.

I think it’s crazy that I live in Chicago, and there’s no easy way to get my laptop repaired. It’s not even an optional repair, it’s a recall. Apple goes so far as to suggest I not even use the laptop!

Not sure what to do on this. Mail seems to be the best (best?) option. Not super keen on sending this thing through the mail, but not sure I have any other choice. Part of me just wishes I could get a decent amount of money towards a newer laptop, instead of all this rigamarole. I’m not even sure what’s going to happen to the warped case, once I do send this thing in.

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