UPS Party

Liz was out on the porch, and called out to me: “You should come out here, it’s a UPS party.” At first, I thought she meant we had a lot of packages on the porch. Once outside, I saw what she meant.

Nerd that I am, I wanted to walk across the street for a better photo. I ended up having to wait a while, as the traffic got a bit backed up in both directions, there being only one lane for cars to pass.

With more of us choosing to remain at home due to the Coronavirus, we end up ordering more things for delivery. Seeing this moment, I thought of each driver and their various routes and deliveries. And all the various things that had to occur, in order for all of them to wind up here, together, at this point in time.

That bit of serendiptity, how all those tiny, random things had to break right… made me smile.

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