Playing Around with Stadia

A long while back, I signed up for Google Stadia. It seemed a neat thing (play the latest video games without needing to have a super powerful computer – use one of Google’s, and do it remotly over the Internet).

I had some concerns, as I’m sure most others did: what’s the video quality look like? And most importantly – what kind of delay/lag is there?

I signed up, and then promptly forgot about it. I’d get emails from time to time, but I never quite understood how I might use the service. And I was disinclined to pay anything outright, so Stadia was just this thing that was there. And would occasionally show up in my Inbox.

A week or so back, I got a promotional email saying that some game called Fenyx Rising was available and free to play, even without any kind of Stadia subscription. And when I clicked on the link, I was immediately taken to the site… and was playing the game within a few moments.

I was impressed, and after a bit… decided I’d explore Stadia a bit more. I never did go back to that game, but ended up seeing a very recent promotion that Desinty 2 was available to play. And it was also free.

I have to say: I’m pretty convinced. I’ve wanted to play Destiny for a long while, but getting the disc, dealing with the download, blocking time in front of the TV (which would prevent Liz from watching anything) all seemed like barriers.

The idea of a new PS5 sounds attractive, but the main draw/reason would be to play games. And if I can do that now via Stadia, without needing to worry about hardware or installs or game patches? I’m very tempted. The $9.99 subscription (granted, it would only be for a limited series of games) seems potentially worth it to me.

The notion of playing video games on a computer that exists somewhere else, streaming over the Internet seems a bit weird to me. But is Netflix or any other streaming service all that different?

I suspect that multiplayer games might be more of a challenge. And I wonder if Stadia can handle somethingn like a massive WoW raid. But as someone who’s struggled to play decent games via Steam on a Mac (even the latest Macbook Pros seem like they’re jet engines running games)… this is a very attractive alternative.

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