Longleaf: The Heart of Pine

During my search for Southern Yellow Pine a week or so ago, I came across a lot of websites. A whole bunch of websites that, to be honest, spanned a wide range of styles and sophistication.

A few, stylistically, looked to be throwbacks to the early 2000’s. But I came across one company that had a particularly full section of videos, which were really informative.

One video really stood out: this documentary on longleaf pine.

One really amazing thing I’ve learned about: sinker pines. These are old logs, some over 100 years old, that fell into rivers while in transit to a mill. You’d think that these would be a rarity, but I’ve learned there are many, many rivers where many, many logs have fallen. Some spots, I heard, contain hundreds of logs.

It’s incredible to imagine these trees have been submerged for so long, and are still viable to be used, once unearthed. Fast forward in the video to 38:51, to see a segment on sinker logs.

Searching for Southern Yellow Pine

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