Slow Updates

I’m surprised just how long it’s taking me, to get all my updates from our Scotland vacation posted on here.

I got pretty well set reviewing and formatting photos… but the actual act of posting and adding some (slight) commentary for each day? It’s been taking way longer than I anticipated.

Instead of a caption or comment under each photo, I’m skipping around a lot… and only leaving notes at meaningful moments. Even with this approach, I’m looking at maybe one or two days’ worth of posts, per evening.

On the plus side – I’ve really enjoyed doing these recaps. For the first time in a lnog time, the blog hasn’t felt like a chore or work. I’ve genuinely experienced pleasure re-living and re-experiencing the days I’m recounting, and it reminds me how much I like the blog thing, even after all this time.

[photo via Glenn Carstens-Peters]

Deferral Pattern
Updates! Updates! Updates!

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