Long Days

Long days lately, and more going into this week. The big project I’m leading is drawing to a close. Or should I say the launch date is drawing near. Glass half full, depending on how you look at it.

It’s been really invigorating to see the various pieces, built over the course of the last month or two, coming together. But the final product is still a little shy from working 100%, start to finish… and as it’s being built, I’m noting various things we’ll need to refine/revisit.

The analogy that comes to mind for me, for this project overall: packing everything necessary for a 3rd grade class to spend a week in the woods. In addition to packing all their clothes and toiletries, figuring out all the other things that might be needed for that kind of an excursion.

For the most part, it’s fairly straightforward. Food and water, tents, firewood and some means for staying warm. But then the more you dig, the more details arise: what about the kid with food allergies? The kid who has asthma? Some kids are fine on their own, others need a great deal of constant attention.

And disaster planning – how much is pragmatic, how much is overkill? Probably don’t need to pack a folding table and surgical tools, but… just pack bandaids? And hope for the best?

The details/specifics are what’s been a (fun/interesting) challenge, on this project. And there are so many variations and variables… it’s a lot.

But the project is getting closer. This week and next are big. A lot of coffee in my future.

[photo via Benjamin Voros]

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