The Ten Best Days of 2021

Each year, I look back all the blog posts I’ve made and try to come up with a list of my ten best days. This started after a converastion with my friend Alex, while we were hanging out in Chinatown in 2003, and has since resulted in over 190 entries, tracking my ten best days from 2003 through 2021.

Scotland definitely made an appearance on this list (I’m somewhat surprised the whole thing wasn’t just 100% Scotland entries). But looking back, there was a lot that happened, despite it being a pandemic year.

As always, I invite you to explore and look around. 2021 was a good year, despite Covid. And there have been a lot of good days that I’ve had the good fortune to document.

Ultimately, a reminder: there are no bad days.

Year of the Ram (2003)
No Bad Days
Ten Best Days: 2003 – 2021

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