Holiday House Work: Bumpout Access, Door Primer

Though it’s the first day of a new year (and perhaps because of it), Liz and I decided we wanted to spend our time working on the house a bit more. While she was in the basement working on a door, I was on the second floor… creating a kind of door.

We need access to the bumpout area on the second floor, and can access it one of two days: cut through the floor from below, or break through the wall here on the second floor. After some debate, Liz and I decided that accessing things through the second floor (while messy) would be the better option.

This room is technically our closet. And also where my computer/desk is set up. To protect things from dust and debris, I covered everything with a bit of plastic.

I also created a kind of enclosed space, where I would work… to also hopefully minimize the dust.

Scored the plaster with a razor, and was able to demo out a small little area. Found the space between two studs, and easily removed the lathe with a multitool. Broke out the sawzall to get through the siding.

Made a bit of a mess…

But! There’s now an access point, ableit a tight fit.

A view of the opening.

And… a quick patch, for when we need to get into that space.

Downstairs, Liz was putting on a coat of primer one one side of the kitchen door.

It continues to surprise us, just how quickly the days go by when we’re working on the house. We both got an early-ish start today, circa 11AM. But we blinked, and suddenly found it to be closer to 5:30 PM.

Time flies I guess, even on the first day of a new year.

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