At Heather’s, it was really fun. I met Patrick (who is amazingly cool), along with a small group of friends. I’m awful with names, but everyone I met was really nice and really direct.

It was a bit stressful, but fun nonetheless. I didn’t know anyone, and felt like "Heather’s friend," which was fine. I tried to make some conversation here and there, but also tried to not be obnoxious about it. I’m sure that, from everyone else’s perspective, I was the "new" guy. But I liked everyone I met, and I hope they felt the same about me.

There was pot offered, but I declined – as I thought it would just make me want to smoke cigarettes more. I went outside a few times, mainly to breathe deeply and "pretend" I was smoking. God, I hate being a nonsmoker. EVERYONE else was a smoker, and I just stared at their cigarettes and ashes for about 20 minutes.

When I drink alone, I don’t get the cravings for cigarettes. But in groups, those cravings come up like gangbusters.

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