Quick Breakfast And Square Donuts

My alarm goes off at 6:00 AM. I hit what I believe to be the snooze button. I jolt awake (on my own) and sit upright, throw on my glasses and notice that it’s somehow become 7:00 AM. I jump out of bed, and the first two minutes of speech that I utter are entirely composed of the same six explicatives in varying arrangements.

I set some new personal best for time taken to wake-shower-dress-pack. I meet up with Deb and Jill for our complimentary breakfast; we throw down our food and head for the radio station.

Jill hops in my car with me, as we’re both looking for some place that has decent coffee. As much as I don’t want to give Starbucks my business, I’m hoping to find one. I want serious coffee, not brown water.

We both decide Dunkin Donuts is brown water coffee, so we try a local shop. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Square Donuts:

The place is dead when we walk in, but before we leave, a lot of other customers have passed through the doors. Initially, we only ordered coffee… but after looking at the donuts, I decided I needed to buy one just to take a picture for the blog.

We arrive at the radio station, and park. Before we head inside, I ask Jill if she minds waiting a bit while I take a photograph of my donut. She says she doesn’t mind, and waits patiently by the car.

Anymore, I don’t even blink when I make these types of insane requests of my coworkers.

Inside, Jill and I discover that Square Donut coffee is, sadly, just brown water.

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