Lunchtime Field Trip: Sultan’s Market

We’ve talked this week about changing things up for lunch. Mostly at work, we hit the Food Court. There are a handful of places we frequent that are walking distance from the Mart. But all of us have a love for Sultan’s Market, and today’s the day we ventured out.

This place is right by my house, and right off the Damen Blue Line stop. Since there’s travel involved, we ended up actually taking the full hour for lunch (and went slightly over).

A bit of history: this was one of the first places that Justin took me to, back when I was still new to Chicago. Maybe three years or so back? At the time, Sultan’s Market was more of an actual market, more of a convenience store. And then they added a small area in the back, where you could get a few food items, including the absolute best falafel pita you’ve ever had. Over time, the food prep area grew, and there came a small seating area in the back. Then a counter area near the front. Then some additional seating on the far west wall. The shelves in the middle of the store eventually gave way to a salad bar, and there’s now seating outside along Hoyne, complete with umbrellas.

I’m not sure how, but they’ve been able to keep their prices down. For an absolutely filling falafel sandwich, expect to pay $3. I really need to expand and try some other items, but I’m so in love with their falafel that I invariable get it every time.

Damen Blue Line stop, heading towards the North Ave. exit.

Sultan’s Market

2057 W. North Ave, on the corner of North and Hoyne.

Waiting in line for my falafel.

Falafel and a meat pie. Mmmmmmm.

Ben and Chris, digging in.

Justin and Ben.

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