My boss Rey sent this link out to all of us a week or so ago, but at the time I didn’t do more than glance over the site. Today, I happened across a BB post about the site, and ended up taking a closer look.

Wow! Talk about some compelling content! And the Survival Guide is pretty darn incredible to boot. It’s a fairly detailed guide as to how to go about creating a good story, touching on all aspects like the storyline, the characters, the technology and the visuals.

And to top things off, there are a ton of celebrities lending their voices to this project as well. Listen to Sean Penn talk about the journalism standards at Listen to the likes of Robert Redford, Dave Eggers and Ira Glass talk about storytelling.

Even if you’re not planning to go out and shoot your own story, there’s a lot of great information here. Lots and lots to see on this site, and definitely something to check out.

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