Well, shit

A long, long time ago I stumbled across rachelleb.com. Her blog is one of the few out there that updates on a daily basis, and she lives not too far from where I’m at. It’s interesting to see another blogger go about documenting their life on-line, especially someone in such close proximity. It’s rare, too, for someone to update daily – which is yet another reason why I find her blog so compelling.

Sadly, I looked over this evening and read about how her apartment had been burglarized. What a shitty thing to have happen. It’s weird, because I don’t really know her at all. But through her blog… I’ve been peering in on her life through and reading so much about her, I feel that I do know her – if only just a little bit.

Of course, I also thought of the break-in that happened here, at my apartment some years ago. And how, even during the process, I made it a point to take pictures and document things.

More than anything else, it’s the sense of unfairness that was the most difficult thing to handle. The loss of material items? No problem. The damage done to the apartment? No problem. But it was how I felt, that the entire thing was undeserved. That part was the most difficult to get through, oddly enough.

Given some of the comments on her page, it sounds like she’s got a lot of friends looking out for her. I know that when it happened to me, the support I got from my friends was unbelievable.

A crappy thing to happen, especially to someone who spends so much of her time sharing things with the rest of the world. Burglaries suck.

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