Saturn Photoshoot

Ben and I were working off-site today, to do a photoshoot for an upcoming project for Saturn, at the radio station.

We’ve done this sort of thing before, and knew what kind of shots we were after. However, we did run into some glitches early on in the day.

We were to meet up in downtown Naperville, where the new street team (and the cars) would be delivered. On arriving, we noticed the lack of any good location to shoot the cars. Everywhere we looked, there were parking lots, other cars, other stores with signage in the background. After walking around for about 20 minutes, we were boht of the mind that we had to cancel the shoot, and reschedule after an appropriate location was scouted out.

Once the cars arrived, we talked about our options. In our minds, the site had already been determined and since we had instructions to arrive at Naperville… we figured someone had already picked a spot to shoot. Not so.

We really were pushing to reschedule the shoot, but the folks running the promotion were fairly insistent that we find a spot. Only later did I learn how much timing/planning went into getting the three Saturns to arrive, on the site.

We hunted around, and found a few parking lots where there was a bit of space. The photoshoot was scheduled for noon, and today was blazing hot. And let me tell you – I sweated like a stuck pig. From about noon onwards, I think I was covered in sweat, nonstop. To top things off, I had no AC in my car… so that made for an interesting ride down.

I’m not going to add much commentary to these photos, other than to say that Brock and Lindsay were good sports about posing the entire time (despite the awful heat).

These aren’t really final shots. Ben will be working with them, during the week, and they’ll be used in our upcoming microsite. I’ll post a link to the final project, where these photos will ultimately appear, once it’s done.

Early on, scouting around for a spot to shoot – we spotted this rather cool fountain.

Fountain detail.

Ben, leaning over the railing for the shot.

Another shot of Ben, trying to get the right angle.

After all the car shots, we returned to the fountain for a few additional photos.

Once we were done with the shoot (circa 3:30 PM), Ben and I drove to a nearby Wendy’s utterly dying for something cold. We both ordered Frosties, as well as large soft drinks. Within the span of about 4 minutes, I think we both plowed through our Frosties, and began working on our drinks.

Stupid, stupid hot today.

As evidenced by my sunburned arms, and the new sandal tan on my feet.

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