Found Magazine: The Crime Issue

On Tuesday, October 9th, Found Magazine will be at Heart of Gold to celebrate the release of Found #5: The Crime Issue (more details here).

Davy Rothbart is a great reader, and seeing the Found material live is a fantastic (and oftentimes hilarious/moving experience). I can’t recommend it enough, if you’ve never been.

If you’d like a taste of what the event will be like (or just want to re-live some past events), I’ve got a few videos posted from way back:

Found Magazine, Intuit Gallery 2005 (pics 1, video 1, pics 2, video 2)

Found Magazine + PostSecret, Intuit Gallery 2006 (pics and video)

Dirty Found, Corbett vs. Dempsey, 2006 (potentially NSFW pics and video)


PS: Indianapolis and Columbus, OH folks! Both Found Magazine and PostSecret will be teaming up, and heading through your towns. Check here for more details.

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