Thoughts on Marketing While at the Dermatologist

Had an appointment this afternoon to see a Dermatologist. I have two moles I was sort of worried about (one on my left forearm and one on my right ear), and decided to get them checked out.

I’d never been to see a skin doctor before, so the whole experience (putting on a hospital gown, having strangers look very closely at parts of my body) was definitely a little weird.

Long story short: everything’s fine. I got an A-OK from the doc, and while they took notes on a few things… none of my moles looked like they were problematic.

While this wasn’t one of the more interesting Northwestern visits, I did happen to see something that caught my eye. As I was dressing, I looked over and spotted this:

The marketing, I’m sure, is geared more for doctors than for patients.

While I guess I can see the benefits of having a good “grip,” from the physician’s side of things… it’s a little unsettling from the patient side. I guess there are some things I’d simply prefer not to think about.

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