Baxter Nibbles the Christmas Tree

As now seems to be the tradition, Baxter resumes nibbling away at the Christmas tree this year. She’s been going at our tree somewhat aggressively the past week. My sense is that she’s gotten a taste for it.

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  1. This is hilarious. To me a rabbit’s diet is sort of like a goats. Years ago my family had a rabbit named Elwood and he would chew and nibble everything. For instance the rubber “Start” and “Select” buttons on my SNES controllers, he picked them clean. I was mad at first but it subsided when I realized it didn’t effect the game play to much. :)

    Justin Reply

  2. Baxter love remotes! A few of our buttons are gone on ours.Some company even makes a “remote control” rabbit toy!Elwood the bun, best name ever!

    Liz Reply

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