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I’ve been neglecting my RSS reader for a good while this week, and finally caught up. I happened to notice that there was a new Grow game, and literally shouted out my glee (and I was all alone, mind you).

SO excited to share this. Haven’t played it much at all, but if any of the older Grow games are an indication… this should be lots of fun.

At their core, the “Grow” games are fairly basic – simply click a button, watch what happens, and click another button. The trick is to determine the right combination/sequence, as different animations will take place depending on what order you pick. In some cases, there are different “storylines” within the game.

Overall, one of the greatest things about the “Grow” games is the satisfaction that comes, even when you lose. There’s an enjoyment even in a wrong path, and it just makes you want to go back and explore more.

I’m a big fan of, and there’s a lot of fun stuff there. In particular, I really love Tontie, an incredibly addictive game that involves your numberpad.

Hm. In looking over my older blog entry titles… I used to cuss a lot more than I do now. It’s funny to compare the two, as in my current approach I’m trying to use more descriptive titles (which tend to help with search engines and so forth). Despite my use of the F-bomb, I can’t recommend Grow or Tontie enough. [via]

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  1. thanks for letting me know. i need to waste some time on this game!

    ben Reply

  2. Just getting more into this one now… I’ve forgotten how playful and fun the animations are. Such a great user experience, these games. I really need to make a donation to this guy’s Paypal account…

    avoision Reply

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