Don’t Shit Your Pants: A Survival Horror Game

Quite possibly one of the best Flash games I’ve seen, Don’t Shit Your Pants had me rolling on the floor.

It’s a text adventure, so you’re typing in commands to try to navigate through the game. While there’s not a lot of dexterity needed to advance levels, the time component definitely makes it pretty challenging.

Try really hard not to think outside the box on this one… [via MetaFilter]

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  1. There’s an innate curiosity that we as humans have in discovering and executing pre-programmed outcomes with no real-world consequences. It’s a simple thought puzzle applied to an outrageous (and comical) situation and the presentation is perfect. The achievement titles add an extra layer of subtle hints to get you to think about other ways you might tackle the… erm… problem. This is like a more compelling Sudoku, as far as I’m concerned.I burned nearly twenty minutes on this over the weekend. WHY.

    chris Reply

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