Extreme Desk Makeover

Throughout the day last Friday, when Chris was out on vacation, Justin and Allison used my labelmaker to sticker up nearly everything on his desk.

I snapped these photos last week, but had to hold off posting them until today. If you’re seeing this, then it’s likely Monday AM and Chris has arrived at the office.

A bit of artwork from The Grocer, and a few dunnies that Bryan gave away, prior to his last day.

Hard to tell with the cape hat on, but the monkey label helps.

Mugs and figurines. Mercifully, they didn’t meticulously label every single pen and pencil.

They did hit them mouse and computer though. There’s one label for the whole computer, although there was a brief period where an individual label for every single key was considered.

One of the best labels ever. This post-it signifies a failed post-work screening of Mac and Me in the large conference room. There was a lot of excitement surrounding the screening, but ultimately things didn’t work out.

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