Critical Mass Bikers, Logan Square

On my way home, I got stopped right at Logan Boulevard. A sea of bicycles went by, stopping traffic from all directions.

Luckily I got my camera out, and shot a few minutes of everyone biking by. There were a lot of folks yelling out “Happy Friday” to everyone, and lots of smiling and waving. This was a fun end to the day, and left me smiling for the rest of my walk home.

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  1. nice pedicab, haha

    nickd Reply

  2. I was surprised to see a police car at the tail end of the crowd. Is this a standard thing for all Critical Mass rides?

    avoision Reply

  3. The past few years the police have been getting heavily involved in routing traffic etc. There usually is a plethora of bicycle cops and squad cars. Which I think they are a great addition to the ride because although mass is about peace and bicycle liberation some people react to the crowd negatively and I’ve witnessed lots of violent acts. Overall it’s an a ton of fun and I recommend it for all.

    Justin Siddons Reply

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