Sunday is the Day for Cookouts

After the church service, we had a pretty busy day. Driving back, we had two cookouts to attend to.

We loaded up our scooters with some chairs, and drove up to Andersonville to hang out with Jake and Jessy.

Suzannah and Jessie (holding her sister’s dog, Lilly). Jake in back, cooking up a storm.

And I do mean a storm – look at this spread! The potatoes had like a pound of garlic, and it was fantastic.

A bit later on, Liz and I headed over to Justin S’s new place, and hung out there for a bit. I was pretty full from Jake’s, but managed to scarf down a few bits of sausage. BTW this is the new, sweet grill that he just got a few days ago.

Justin S, giving me, Liz, TJ and Erin a tour of his place. The practice area for his band, Eschatol is right next to his bedroom. Justin mentioned how he liked the fact that he could just roll out of bed, and just start playing guitar if he wanted to.

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