Almost There: A Portrait of Peter Anton

I met Dan Rybicky and Aaron Wickenden about a year ago, thanks to Justin – who helped set up my bachelor party at Dan’s house, near the Indiana Dunes.

That weekend, I had the good fortune to talk with both of them, and they’re swell guys. In fact, I distinctly remember getting wrapped up in a conversation with Dan at his kitchen table, about writing and Pecha Kucha… and we both remembered that we had done a reading together, ages ago.

This week, a project they’ve been working on for over four years makes its debut at Intuit Gallery. Rybicky and Wickenden have followed Peter Anton, a 78 year old artist who creates paintings and obsessively compiles photographs into a massive autobiography entitled “Almost There.” The exhibit at Intuit will take place this Friday, July 9th from 5 – 8PM, and will feature photographs, video and artwork by Anton.

Visit the official site and Intuit for more information. And if you’re in town on Friday, consider swinging by.

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