Playing Journey

Leslie and Chris stopped over at our place again, for a little work and a little play. Leslie continued to work on sewing pillows, as Chris and I ended up (finally) playing Journey on the PS3.

The interesting thing about the game is that it’s more or less an experiential one – there are no points, no hard and fast goals to achieve. A lot of the game involves you roaming around in a desert, trying to figure out how the various things and environments you encounter work.

Visually and sonically, it’s a beautiful game. As gorgeous as the game is graphically, the music adds a great deal – I daresay it wouldn’t be quite the same game without the soundtrack. I’m not able to link to the video directly, but the first video on this page should give you a sense of what went into the game’s soundtrack.

One really interesting aspect to the game worth mentioninig: multiplayer exists, but it’s done with an interesting twist. The game itself is a single player game, but from time to time… other players appear. You only ever see one other player at a given time, so it’s not like there’s a group of other folks traipsing about.

But when you encounter someone else for the first time, it’s kind of a cool experience. You’re not able to talk or communicate, beyond simply sounding out a kind of signal or musical note. Hold your button down a little longer, and the signal/note gets a little stronger.

In the times we encountered another player, sometimes we’d team up and travel together… and sometimes, we’d simply go our separate ways. In the vastness of the game, coming across another person was a very cool thing.

Here’s a shot of the game, moments after we encountered another player for the first time.

Near the end of the game, Leslie and Liz were both sucked in. They stopped working at a few points, so they could watch.

To give you a sense of the gameplay and what the game’s really like, check out this trailer:

Leslie And Chris Visit For Sewing And Video Games (Kinda)

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  1. Loved every moment of playing through Journey this weekend. Thanks again for picking up a copy! Such a unique gaming experience, and I still can’t get over those awe-inspiring visuals.

    Chris Reply

  2. I’ve played Journey twice and it is amazing. The visuals and music are so beautiful, with the sand moving like real sand and the lost grandeur of the ancient cities – so breathtaking. It’s also serene (except for the parts with those lightning monsters… brrrr.) I love how well it draws you in.

    I feel like the development team really achieved what they were trying to do: make a game that is unique and elicits emotion – it did that for me. The first time through I didn’t see anyone until about half way, so the sudden appearance of someone else was pretty neat. It was fun to sort of work together on the puzzles, race each other and try to talk to each other with the little musical glyph tones. It was also somewhat terrifying when the other player was attacked by one of the monsters.

    The second time around I come across several people, working with some of them, saying ‘hi’ to others. What was most fascinating was the weird little bond I felt towards the final player I ran into – we finished the game together – helping each other along the way, waiting for each other. It was a simple but nice connection, even if it was only for a little while.

    I’m certainly going to play Journey again.

    Fisher Reply

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