Can You Identify This Bug?

We’ve found several of these guys around the apartment, but aren’t exactly sure what they are. My first thought was: tick. But they don’t quite seem like ticks (and there’s no explanation as to why ticks would suddenly appear in our apartment).

Any ideas?

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  1. What’s the scale? It’s a beetle of some sort, my guess. I’m passing this on to my entymology friend.

    Maureen Reply

    • It’s very tiny. Comparable to the round end of a sewing pin.

      avoision Reply

  2. Definitely not a tick (deer or dog/wood). It’s got 6 legs so that narrows it down a bit. If you get no responses, you can email a pic of this bug to the Illinois Extension Services and see what they come back with (look up one of their entomologists).

    Anthony Reply

  3. Thanks guys – pretty convinced from other comments on Facebook that this is a spider beetle. Liz and I spent a good part of Saturday going through a lot of her yarn/fabrics, putting things in plastic bags. Hopefully, we won’t see any more of these guys…

    avoision Reply

  4. Thanks I’m having same issue and was scared it was something else….how did you get rid of them

    Linda montanaro Reply

    • Hi Linda. The advice we read was to locate the source of the bugs. After identifying the various spots where we had seen them, we cleaned the areas pretty thoroughly (my wife Liz had a lot of yarn/fabrics stored in a nearby closet).

      We went through everything, one by one, and found some stuffing that seemed to be the source of where they were coming from. Haven’t seen any since.

      avoision Reply

  5. Hello,
    did you finally identify the bug? I found 2 in 1 month interval in my house and can’t really find any answers.


    melissa Reply

    • We think it’s a spider beetle. After the initial clearing, things were fine… but we still seem to spot one every couple of weeks or so, around the bathroom. The sightings still happen, but they’re much less frequent.

      avoision Reply

  6. I just found out what it was its a spider beetle

    keli Reply

  7. Yes is a Reddish beetle spider.

    Niurka Reply

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