Jung Family Vacation In Sawyer, Michigan – Day 3: Apparel From the Past and Shawnee Road Antiques

Before we trekked to Sawyer, I did a bit of searching around for nearby places of interest. I happened to come across a place called “Apparel from the Past”. This line in particular caught my eye:

We have over 1,000 vintage and antique garments, hats, purses, gloves & shoes from the mid-1800’s through the mid-1900s, with an emphasis on the 1940s and 1950s.

Knowing my wife, this was definitely a spot we were going to visit.

Pulling up, this is one of three buildings on the property, filled with antiques.

Inside, I found a few neat items – like this mini-printing press.

Seeing these, I was overcome with an inexplicable urge to learn how to juggle.

The Juliette FM-AM FM Stereo Home Entertainment System.

A pretty old looking Bocce Ball set.

A view of the interior.

Strange thing – my grandma Phoebe used to have a chair like this, in her old house in Indianapolis. This later got moved to my Aunt Vicky’s house, but I can’t remember if they still have it there or not.

For reference, you can see it here.

Small world. Price tag on this guy was just south of $3,000.

In the third building, it was a mixture of antiques and a special area for the vintage clothing.

Inside, lots of garments, shoes, hats and hat boxes. Interesting sidenote: according to the owners, they provided a lot of items for the 2009 movie Public Enemies.

Jasmine and Jahnu, having the time of their lives. Shortly after this, we ducked out and explored one of the other buildings.

Lots of hats!

This is a view of the other half of the building. Didn’t notice this until I got home, but those oars at the top, hanging from the ceiling? Does that actually say Titanic on them?

Lots of old dress forms…

The second building on the premise – more antiques.

View of the interior.

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