You Are Beautiful: Kickstarter Campaign to Document Project’s 10-Year History

I saw my first sighting of You Are Beautiful very close to the time that I first started this blog – over ten years ago, way back in 2002. It was a surprising encounter, and something that shifted me outside of my routine – a small bit of brightness that brought about a smile, unexpectedly.

Over time, I started seeing more and more of these stickers all over Chicago. And, as I would learn, the stickers began to move beyond Chicago until they started appearing all over the world.

Matthew Hoffman is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the You Are Beautiful Book – a documentary of the project’s last ten years.

Here’s the promotional video for the Kickstarter campaign, and a bit more background on the project:

He’s raised over $20,000 so far, but is still shy of the $25,000 goal with only 4 days to go. As you may or may not know, a Kickstarter project has to meet its goal, or it doesn’t get any funding at all (and everyone who pledged gets their money back). It’s an all-or-nothing kind of proposition.

I’m a huge fan of this project, and if you happen to like it as well… I encourage you to chip in any amount at all, to help Matthew get to his goal. It’s a great message, a great project, and an example of how something small can literally traverse the world… one sticker at a time.

I spotted the sticker, randomly, last year at a Starbucks I sometimes visited. It was a surprising thing to see, and reminded me of the first time I saw the sticker nearly ten years ago.

For those in Chicago, there’s a month-long You Are Beautiful exhibit that opens this Thursday:

As You Are: A Decade of You Are Beautiful
February 7th, 2013
6:00 PM – 11:00PM
Green Exchange
2545 West Diversey
Chicago, Illinois 60618

You Are Beautiful (Official Site)
You Are Beautiful Show: Current/Proposed Works, 2003

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