The past few weeks have been super busy, at least as far as presentations go. About a month after we officially moved to Hyde Park, I participated in 20×2 Chicago. Prior to that show, I was working a lot on getting the talk together (even though it was only to last two minutes, I was doing a lot of legwork and research).

The day after that show, I got invited by Saya to participate in Potluck!, which took place two days ago. It was a shorter amount of time than I’m normally used to having to prepare for a talk, but I found that I was able to get it all done within 4 weeks – come up with a topic, create some slides, and practice, practice, practice.

As of about a week ago, when I wasn’t working at my job or doing something with the house, I was doing run-throughs of my talk. An old speech teacher of mine from high school said that if you’re comfortable with your speech, you won’t get nervous. He claimed that if you practiced enough, and knew your material enough – you won’t get nervous. And while I still do get nervous before taking the stage, practicing definitely helps. So I try to do as much of it as I can, beforehand.

It’s funny in that… now? I don’t have any more talks to do. And so I find myself at odd moments in the day, feeling like I have this abundance of free time. I was in the shower yesterday morning, and I realized… hey, I can just take a shower. This sounds a little crazy, but I had taken to running through my talk a few times in the morning, first thing, when I hopped in the shower (I told you I liked practicing a lot).

I was inspired by Saya’s talk at 20×2, and really considered posting up a “Hire Me to Speak” section on this site. I’ve toyed around with doing another talk – maybe another Pecha Kucha, or possibly trying my hand at an Ignite talk.

Should I come up with an entirely new topic, from scratch? Should I re-do the talk I already gave, and have it fit the newer time parameters? Do I want to dive into the time commitment of doing another speaking thing? And if so, to what end? Do I eventually want to get paid to do something like this, or is just a really entertaining (albeit tine-consuming) hobby?

Part of me thinks that if I ever want to get paid to speak… I need to get more presentations under my belt. Part of me thinks that I should get back to work on that iPhone app I’ve been mentioning in my speaker bio, and finally get the thing done after a year and a half of sitting on it. And another part of me thinks, “Hey – didn’t Gladiator just get added to Netflix recently? That was a pretty good movie.”

Lots to kick around, but I guess I’ve got a little more time to do that, now. Maybe I should make some kind of a goal, pacing things out well in advance. Maybe one presentation every two months? One every month? Something to think about.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go hop in the shower.

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  1. Release dat APP. I thought our pow wow at Monk’s should’ve pushed you over the edge by now.

    Chris Reply

    • I gotta crack those files open again. A few bugs I would like to fix, and some tweaks I’d like to make but… yeah. I really need to just bite the bullet and get it out there.

      avoision Reply

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