Elle King: Kocaine Karolina

I happened across Elle King via Rdio, and though her music isn’t something I would normally gravitate towards… this song in particular really caught my ear.

Partly, it’s the banjo. But I’ve had this looping a fair amount in the background, off and on this week. The lyric “Every morning you wake up alone, just the same. / Who’d want to live longer, anyway?” kind of got stuck in my head, this past week.

There’s a video of her doing a live version of the song… but I prefer the audio to the one above.

The spelling of the song is a little weird and kooky for me. Doing a little digging, I wonder if she went with this spelling to ensure it didn’t get mistaken for a song by Jonny Cash and David Allen Coe by the same name.

There’s another track on the album that also stands out to me. It’s totally not something I would normally listen to, but it’s so infectiously pop-y … it’s hard to get rid of, once you hear it. The song is called “America’s Sweetheart”, and in my head – this is the song that I feel like will become huge.

The song sounds like something you’d hear at a massive stadium event. And with the drop at 2:55, it’s just makes me think that it’s a song destined for popularity.

Random bit of trivia: King is the daughter of comedian Rob Schneider and model Longon King.

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