Steve Martin and Edie Brickell: When You Get to Asheville

So this week must be my music week, apparently. In going over those albums I added and forgot about, I re-discovered a pretty fun one: did you know that Steve Martin and Edie Brickell put out an album? It may seem a kind of odd combination at first, but soon after listening to them… you realize they sound great together.

The songs have this mellow feel about them, and it makes me feel like taking a long drive down a country road. The main song I’ve been hooked on, from their album Love Has Come For You, is When You Get to Asheville. It kind of reminds me of Come Back From San Francisco by The Magnetic Fields, in that it’s a love song to someone who’s moved away.

Actually, it’s a love song and an invitation. Which is what I like about it.

Starting with just Brickell’s voice, my favorite moments are when the other voices and instruments join in for the main chorus, singing “Ooh, if it don’t work out.” And the subtle drumbeat running underneath is a nice touch.

I’ve been looping this one song pretty incessantly too, lately.

Throughout the album, Martin keeps his presence kind of hidden. He sings on a handful of songs, but you kind of forget that he’s there. His voice is recognizable, but even on the songs where he sings… he blends in. As you might expect, he lets his banjo do most of his talking (and it talks well, I might add).

If you get a chance, the album is definitely worth a listen.

Random tidbit: I read Martin’s autobiography Born Standing Up a long while ago. I really enjoyed it, and meant to write up a full review on here… but never got around to it. It was enjoyable enough that I remembered to mention it here, and I’m half-tempted to give it another read-through.

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