Intervals: I’m Awake

I know absolutely nothing about the group Intervals, and just happened to stumble across their latest album on Rdio last week. This isn’t the kind of music I tend to gravitate towards (mostly I skew towards slower/acoustic songs). But this track, “I’m Awake” caught on.

Listening to this song, it makes me feel like I’m 15 and discovering heavy metal and coffee for the first time. At the same time.

I used to have a playlist of songs I would reserve for “cranking music,” meant to provide energy so that I could do a lot of work in a short span of time. I don’t really work like that anymore (thankfully), and so most of the music I listen to is more subdued.

But the past few days, I’ve taken to throwing this one song on about 15 minutes after I start into my morning coffee. It’s a nice feeling and a fun way to start the day.

PS: You can listen to the whole album on bandcamp.

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