Slow Progress is Still Progress (Albeit Slow)

Finally, after several days of just looking over documentation and tutorials… I started coding. A little.

I’m tinkering around with a project idea, using Express, MongoDB (and Mongoose). It is really slow going.

I’ve pared down the number of new things I’m trying to learn at once, and the process has become a little more enjoyable again. The overall approach of trying to figure out how all these files work together is… a little laborious. But part of the learning curve, I guess.

I’m not really building much yet. It’s more like I’m learning what a hammer feels like, learning what a nail feels like. And then trying to use them. But oh wait, that’s not a nail – that’s a screw. Which looks kind of similar, but functions in a different way. So let’s not use that just yet.

I got a burst of energy tonight, after finally getting data saved to my database when visiting a page. Small victory, but it provided enough momentum to continue pushing.

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