My Secret Life as a Model

At work today, I was stopped by someone at work named Laura (someone from our copywriting team that I had never met/worked with before). She asked, rather timidly… “Are you a sweater model?”

I was taken aback for a moment, unsure what she was talking about. And then afer a few seconds, realized she must have seen a photo of me wearing the “Lumberjack” sweater that Liz had knitted for me last year.

Turns out Laura was also a knitter, and working on this exact pattern. And happened to see me there in one of the photos, on the side.

As I learned later, these pattern pages are maintained by the actual pattern companies. And if they like a photo, they’ll add it to the sidebar. Which makes them a bit more official looking (even though they are images taken by people who have made the pattern).

So I have a side gig now. Secret sweater model.

Honestly, after being mistaken for Steve Aoki so much, this was kind of a nice break.

For those interested in seeing the project, and how Liz, Meg, and Michelle each made their variation on the pattern… check out Liz’s blog post, Meg’s blog post, and Michelle’s blog post. Lots of photos there, on each site.

Since Liz started knitting, I’ve gained a greater appreciation for the time and effort it takes to make something of this scale. Knitting projects are a serious endeavor, and most folks don’t recognize how much work truly goes into something that’s hand made like this.

If you decide to tackle this project, good luck to you! And if you happen to need a male sweater model in the near future, well… you know where to find me.

Have Sign, Will Travel
Hey, I recognize that guy…
Waitaminute… I Think I Recognize That Guy
Hey, I Recognize That Skeleton

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