New Old Hardware

Last night, Liz showed me some of her recent acquisitions for the house. She had tracked down lots of hardware that was original to our house, all from various sources online.

I’m not going to do justice to hear searching and sleuthing, but suffice it to say that in more than one instance… the sellers didn’t quite know what they had. And listed these items under “antique doorknobs” and generic descriptors like that.

Liz has always been quite exceptional in her online research, and was quite proud at finding hardware that actually matched what we have in the house. All told, I think she’s been on the lookout for two years, and only recently found some matches. She’s been doing this a long while!

Detail view of the hardware.

These are all for a far future date, of course. But given how rare they are to find, Liz has been steadily accruing them as she finds them, bit by bit.

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