Ten Best Days of 2016, Posted!

Every year, I look back over the daily blog posts I’ve made… and I try to pick out my favorite. I curate a list of my Ten Best Days for the year, and I add them to my overall tally.

I just posted up my Ten Best Days of 2016. If you’re curious to see more, I’ve been doing this for a while now, and have my “ten best days” for every year, going back to 2002/2003.

You can see the entire list at https://avoision.com/tenbestdays. I guess I’m at 140 days and counting. Here’s to many more!

Ten Best Days: 2002 – 2016
The Memory Never Forgets: LeBron James and the Gift/Curse of Eidetic Memory
Secrets of a Mind-Gamer: The Story of an Unlikely Mnemonist

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